Your first social shout out

When you first jump into Ampjar you can shout out any of your matched brands, even before they are approved matches.

Once you have jumped into Ampjar for the first time, you can review your matches, create ads and subscribe but then you will have to wait for your matched brands to approve you as a match before you can shout them out or be shouted out by them.

We let brands approve matches so all of our members stay in control of who they're shouting out, and who they're being shouted out by.

But we know how this can be annoying when you want to get going, so we decided to help speed up the process.

While your matches are still pending, you can do your first social shout out, choosing any of your pending brands and we'll pay for it for them.

So while they may not have approved the match yet, you can still earn credits and get the ball rolling. They get shouted out and it costs them nothing.

Simply head to Social Shoutouts and follow the steps.