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Update my Profile

How do I edit my logo, brand name and much more.

Your Ampjar Profile is just as important as your Instagram Bio.

Every Ampjar brand has their own profile. This is so that everyone can get to know what your brand is all about! It’s like filling out an all about me questionnaire.



  • Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 9-25-19 AM-pngWhen another brand sees your profile on our community page it’s called a Brand Card. Everyone has one!

  • You’ll see yours on the side of your Profile page. While you edit your profile it will instantly update so you can see what others see. This is an example of what a Brand Card looks like in its most basic form.

  • Now you can scroll down to learn about each section in detail on the profile page. 



This 30 second video explains everything that the text below says.

HubSpot Video

Brand logo

  • This should be your logo that you use on Insta, your website, etc, so that you are recognizable from Insta to Ampjar. 

Brand Bio

  • Think of this like your one liner about your brand. It can even be the same as your Insta bio for your brand’s profile. Just a quick one or two sentences about your brand. 

Website/Insta Username

  • When you fill these out it allows brands to click on the little buttons on your Brand Card and it takes them directly to your website or insta. 

Behind the Brand

  • This are is for fun facts about your brand. Remember in school when someone asks you to share fun facts and you can’t think of anything on the spot but you know you have something cool? This is a way for you to take some time to think about fun things people might not know about you and your brand. 

Favorite Product

  • This is where you can add an image, name and link directly to your favorite product that you sell. It’s a fun way to show other brands cool items that you have. 

Brand Personality Quiz

  • When you first created your Ampjar account you filled out this quiz so we could get to know your brand. This is just here so you can update it at any time. 

Content Gallery

  • This is where you can create pieces of content for brands to use in any shoutout they chose; insta stories, post-checkout, email. It’s recommended that you have 3-5 pieces of content. 
  • The first 3 pieces of content are what will show up on your Brand Card. You can drag and drop the images to move the order any time. 
  • Tip: Make sure you edit the pieces of content with some text. While insta story shoutouts won’t use the text, email and post check out shoutouts might. So adding some text allows you to explain what the image/product/service is all about.


You filled out your profile and are ready to go! You can come back to this page at any time to make edits or changes.