Tracking and rewarding your best customers

Thanks to the magic of code, (it's really something isn't it?!) every time someone shares you on a list, we'll track the details so you can see how many times you were shared and by whom!

You can harness this valuable info in a number of ways to help build your business; you could invite your biggest sharers to be brand ambassadors, start a rewards program or simply offer them a discount as a way to say 'Thank-you!' for supporting your business. How you choose to connect and engage your biggest fans is entirely up to you - you're only limited by your imagination so go wild!

How to view your tracking info:

  • Select Shortlist from the menu bar inside your Ampjar Dashboard
  • Scroll down to the section titled 'Customer Lists' located toward the bottom of your business profile. Here you'll find a counter tallying the number of times you've been shared in a list, a graph outlining clicks and views, as well as who you were shared by.
  • Using the drop down filter above the counter, select from the options available to filter and view shares over a certain period of time e.g. last 7 days, last 30 days, All Time etc.
  • To export a list of customers who have shared you over a certain period of time, choose from the period of time options available in the drop down menu, then click 'Download CSV' to export your list.
  • Save your list to your preferred file location.
  • View your list to discover who has shared you the most then wield this power to build your business even further, deepen your customer connections and reward your most loyal supporters!