The two different ways to do an email shoutout

You now have total control over how your email shoutouts look.

You need to ensure that email shoutouts work positively in the context of your email. We never want any shoutout to be reluctant and instead want you to love sharing other brands and to have your customers love this content too.

So now you have two options of how to share email shoutouts:

  1. We give you a code snippet that displays the shoutout in a style that we have developed, exactly as you see it inside the app.
  2. We give you all the parts of the email shoutout and you build it to look however you want.


The technical piece behind this is that when you do a shoutout with the code snippet, we'll reward you based on views and clicks, but if you build it yourself we can only reward you based on views. However in this way you can do the shoutout however you want:

  • you can style the shoutout in your exact style - color, image sizes, font etc.
  • you can mix the shoutout in with some other non-Ampjar things that you want to recommend, like events, netflix shows, books etc. 
  • you can even do a text-only shoutout in-line in the body text of your email.

There's no bad way to do it, you have complete control.


Head to community, choose a brand, or a few brands to share, and then follow the path to learn all about how to do it.