NEW! Standard Plan - brands on demand for just US$9.00 a month!

Our new Standard pricing plan costs less than a cinema ticket and gives you a front row seat to watching your small biz grow!

  • No minimum monthly shoutout requirement. Shoutout as many member and non-member brands as you like!
  • Earn karma for every shoutout across socials, emails, and post-checkout
  • Share and be shared by anyone in our community
  • Opportunities to join sharing events, shoutout parties, collaborations and more
  • Access premium support via live chat, phone or video calls
  • Cancel any time

The Small Print

We like to read the fine print too and as we’re totally transparent with our pricing and billing, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions to cover everything you need to know:


Is it really just US$9.00 a month?

Yes! That’s it. There’s no hidden extras.

What will I earn and receive in return?

Every time you shoutout another small business you earn karma so that others can share you in return. Read about the return on investment of Ampjar here, and the most recent experience of one of our customers here.

When will I be billed?

Our billing event takes place each month when your billing date resets. You can find this date on your Reporting page. Everyone's "month" is different and commences from the day you join by entering your billing details, not from the start of the calendar month.

Am I locked into a contract?

No – we don’t do lock in contracts. Cancel at any time!

What happens if I cancel my monthly plan?

You’ll be billed for the current month only. That’s it! There are no cancellation fees.

How much is an annual plan and can I get a refund if I have to cancel?

Annual plans are US$86.40 (20% discount applied). They can be cancelled anytime but are non-refundable.

Is there a way to view my monthly invoices?

Absolutely! You can view and download your monthly invoices anytime. Simply head to your Account Settings, select the Billing tab, and then select the ‘Your Invoices’ button in the top right corner. Our payment system automatically emails you a monthly statement too, so you have access to everything you need come tax time!