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Social Shoutouts (Insta stories)

Sharing the small biz love with brands via Instagram stories!

Yay! You’ve made it to wanting to learn how to do your first social shoutout! Or maybe you just need a refresher. Either way you’ve come to the right place. ✨


Social shoutouts are done via Instagram stories. A fun and fast way to share brands! These are some examples of social shoutouts that our Ampjar members have done. 



Ready to do your own shoutouts? Let's dive in! For visual learners, this is a 1 minute video that walks you through doing a social shoutout.

  1. Head to the Shoutout page to start a social shoutout
  2. Select Instagram Icon

Discover and choose small businesses to share.

All of our members have a brand profile card on this page. This is where you can find brands for your shoutouts and view their brand profile card to learn more about them.

STEP 1: Select 1 or more brand you wish to share content for

STEP 2: Select ❤️  icon to favorite a brand and save for later shoutouts

Search options

  • Location: Shows you all brands located in that country.
  • Category: These categories relate to the answers a brand provided in their Brand Personality Quiz.
  • Sort by: Favorites, New & Running Hot
    • Favorites: Brands that you’ve marked as a favorite. You can favourite a brand by clicking on the star on the top right corner of any brand profile card.
    • 🌱New: Brands that have recently joined Ampjar.
    • 🔥Running Hot: These are brands that are doing a lot of shoutouts right now.

STEP 3: Once you have made your selections, click NEXT in the top right corner of your screen to create your shoutouts.


Choose your content and background to create a shoutout.


STEP 1: Select if you want to Create with Ampjar OR Build it Myself

Create with Ampjar - allows you to select a pre-designed background template to layer together with the content image placed on top.

Build it Myself - gives you full control to design your shoutout from start to finish.


CREATE with Ampjar

  • Simply swipe up or down on the right panel to view available content from the selected brand.
  • Choose your preferred background from our pre-designed templates, OR upload your own by selecting ‘UPLOAD’ at the top left of your screen to upload your own background and add it to the gallery.
  • Once you’ve chosen your template by tapping on it, hit ‘next’.

BUILD it Myself

  • A share link will be automatically emailed to you after you have selected NEXT in the top right hand corner. This will detail out the next steps.
  • You will need to provide your own graphic to share but be sure to add the LINK to your post to ensure you earn karma for your shoutout.

STEP 2: Once you have completed building shoutouts for all your selected brands, select NEXT in the top right hand corner.


    The shoutouts you have built with Ampjar are now waiting in the mobile app under 📣  “ready to be shared”

    Don’t forget to add the share link to earn Karma!

    If you are building the shoutout yourself - find the share link in your email

    If you are sharing from the mobile app - the link is automatically copied to your clipboard when you click ‘Share to Instagram’

    Adding the shoutout link is important! This allows us to verify your shoutout is live and then you earn Karma for your Karma jar.


    Quick tips: 

    • Don’t forget to add the shoutout link IMG_3294to your story 
    • Be sure to tag the brands on your shoutouts on Insta stories so that the brands can see all the love they get. 
    • Remember Ampjar never posts the shoutouts to your instagram story. We don’t have access to it. You must add the shoutout image and link to receive karma

    Time to go do some socials shoutouts!