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Social Shout Outs

A fun and easy way to share the small business love while helping yourself!

MasterSeries_4_Social Shout Outs

Social shout outs are about sharing some small business love in your Instagram stories. They give you a way to shout out your matched brands any time in just a couple of minutes.

Do your first social shout out with us right now - you'll earn credits that mean that one of your matched brands will shout you out in return.

Follow these steps and do a social shout out right now:

  1. Head to your social shout out page - you can also get here through the panel on your dashboard
  2. Choose one of your matched brands to shout out
  3. Choose the piece of their content that you want to share - we'll now email you this image so that you have it on your phone and you can easily post it to Instagram
  4. Open the email you just received and save the image to your phone
  5. Open Instagram and create a story using that image
  6. Tag the brand your shouting out and say something nice about them. Here are a few ideas of the kind of thing to say
    1. "we love supporting other small businesses and @____ is one we love"
    2. "loving this from @____ #shopsmall"
    3. "@____ is a great brand, go and check them out!"
  7. Once you've posted it, hit to confirm that you've put it up. We'll then track the views and actions on the post and in 24 hours will send some Karma Credits your way!

Well that was easy wasn't it. We recommend you do this a couple of times a week at least - it's such an easy way to share the love and do something for yourself at the same time.


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