Shoutout Parties

What is a shoutout party?

What is a shoutout party?

A shoutout party is a super fast way to get shoutouts from other brands. We'll find brands the Ampjar community that we think have a similar vibe, to collaborate together for this event. Sometimes they have themes based on different things such as; health and wellness, location based, back to school and more. 

How long does it take place?

A shoutout party usually takes place for 48 hours. For two days you'll shoutout all the brands involved and they'll all shout you out. 

How do I join a shoutout party?

We usually DM brands that we think fit the theme of the party we are planning. But you can reach out to us via DM if you are interested in joining. Soon they'll be an easy way to opt in right inside your Ampjar dashboard. 

How do I find the other brands in my party?

 The list of brands will be located under Societies on the community page. You can watch this video to see how to find it.

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