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Shouting out in your emails

Shouting out another brands in your emails is designed to add a bit of small business love and give you a great way to share the love.

Email Shoutouts 081020

Ampjar started off as an email builder, then we only did shout outs in emails and now we have a great community of brands, ad inventory, and three ways to shout out and be shouted out.
We still love email shout outs because they really add to the email that you're sending and cut through to an audience in one big hit, meaning small businesses are doing a lot to support each other.

A whole lot of options
How ever you build and send your emails you can now add shout outs. Here are your options:

  1. You can add shout outs to the emails that you build and send in your own email provider like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Active Campaign, etc.;
  2. You can build the email inside Ampjar and then send it out using your own email provider; or
  3. You can build your email inside Ampjar and then have us send it out for you

You can select your chosen way of working here or on your Ampjar dashboard.

Adding a shout out
How ever you send your emails, adding a shoutout is simple. If you're building your email inside Ampjar you can choose the content you host when you are inside your editor.
If you're putting a shout out into your own email you can create the shout out by following the simple process:

  1. Choose a brand 
  2. Choose a piece of content from that brand
  3. Add your very own introduction text 
  4. We'll then turn this into a piece of code that you can insert into your email
  5. Follow the prompts to put this in your email
  6. We'll track the views and clicks and reward you with Karma Credits 72 hours after your email was sent.

One Last Thing
Your customers will love seeing you sharing small business love, especially when you keep doing it. Doing it once may seem a little out of place but if you keep it up they'll look out for it and keep giving them an extra reason to want to open your emails.

We also ensure that the content looks like a really nice organic shout out rather than an ad the screams from the rooftops. See the example below.


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