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Share-a-thon FAQ

Participating in a share-a-thon? Here's everything you need to know!

What's a share-a-thon?

A share-a-thon is when you shoutout as many businesses as you want via instagram stories and a bunch of businesses will shout you out too! They take place over a few days, your event will let you know what dates to participate! 


What's a shoutout and how do I do one? 

A shoutout is a way to support other businesses on Insta stories. Follow a few simple steps in Ampjar to find the other participating businesses in your Society. Confirm that your shoutout is live and the post it to your Insta stories and you're done! Click here to learn more about shoutouts.


Is there a minimum number of shoutouts I have to do during the share-a-thon?

Nope! But the more shoutouts. you do, the more karma you earn! Having karma means you can be shouted out by other businesses. 


I'm a part of a community that's participating in a share-a-thon, how do I join my event?

Once inside your Ampjar dashboard select the 'Get Shared' tab from the left menu.  Select 'Let's Go' on the 'Events' card. From here you'll find the event with the name of your community. Simply type on or two sentences about your business in the space provided and hit 'Apply'. Our team will approve you and add you to the event and you'll be all set! 


How do I find the other businesses from my community or event?

On the day your event is due to start, you'll see a colorful tab appear at the top of the 'Community' section with the name of your event. Simply click your event tab to reveal all of the brands that are participating with you! 


Can I find these brands that are part of my community after the event is over?

Yes! On the 'Community' [age under 'Societies', there will be a drop down with the name of your community/event. Just click the drop down, hit confirm and all the businesses associated with that community/event will appear.  

Is it free to participate?

YES! It doesn't cost anything to participate in any of our events as long as you shoutout other brands. Every time you shoutout another brand you earn karma, which fills your karma jar and means other brands can shout you out in return. You can learn more about pricing, billing and cancellation policies in our Billing FAQ.


What is the cancelation policy after the event?

You can close your account at any time.


Where can I learn more setting up my Ampjar account?

Our Ampjar University will take you through the basic steps of setting up your account! Click here.