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Share your shoutouts direct to Instagram Stories

With the ability to post your shoutout DIRECT to Instagram Stories, shouting out other small businesses is a cinch with the ‘Shoutouts by Ampjar’ mobile app!

Now that you’ve created a beautiful shoutout to share with your audience you can choose to share it straight away or save it for later.


Here’s how to do both: (for full demo on how to share view our How to video)


Share Now

  • Once you’ve created your shoutout, select the blue ‘Shareto Instagram Stories’ button under the image and a pop-up will show asking you to allow Ampjar to access your photos.
  • Choose your preference from ‘Select Photos’ or Allow Access to All Photos’ which will enable your shoutout to be saved to your Instagram image gallery. (Note: It’s entirely up to you which level of access you choose, but if you choose ‘Don’t Allow’ then your shoutout can’t be saved to your gallery).
  • You’ll then be redirected to your shoutout in Instagram and it’s here you’ll need to add the following things:
    • Include some text with a positive message about why you’re sharing this particular brand or image to provide context to your followers. E.g. What is it you love about this small business or the product they sell?
    • Tag the brand using the @mention sticker which will notify them so they’ll know you’ve shouted them out.
    • Add the link sticker? which will enable your followers to visit their website/Insta and check them out AND importantly, adding the link sticker enables us to track your shoutout and reward you with karma!
  • Lastly, hit SHARE to post your shoutout to Insta Stories and let the ‘feel-good for supporting small’ vibes wash over you!


Save for later

  • To save your shoutout to share at a later time, simply select the ‘Save for later’ button underneath your shoutout to send it to ‘Saved Shoutouts’. Tip: ‘Save for later’ shoutouts can be found by selecting the shoutouts speaker icon Shoutout by Ampjar - logoat the bottom right of your screen.
  • When you’re ready to share your shoutout simply click the shoutouts speaker icon at the bottom right of your screen to display all your ‘Saved Shoutouts’.
  • Select the shoutout you wish to share by tapping on it and then select the yellow Shoutout by Ampjar - logo icon at the bottom right of your screen.
  • Hit ‘Share to Instagram Stories’ and simply follow the steps above in Share Now to post it and earn karma for your awesome efforts to support small!