Pricing - Founding Member Program

Ampjar is FREE for Founding Members. Forever.


Our Founding Member program is designed especially for those that have supported each other through the tough times.

All Founding Members have to do is shout out 3 brands a week (12 in their monthly billing cycle) to keep it free. Otherwise, it’s US$22 per month. 

Founder Membership is still available. Join now and enjoy Founding Member status. Get in quick as our membership is growing each week and we had planned to turn it off by now!

The small print

  • Do any twelve shoutouts in your billing month and you won't be billed.
  • If you don't hit 12, you'll be billed for that month but will retain Founding Member status to enjoy free use in the future.
  • You'll still earn karma for every shout out you do.


When will I be billed?

You’ll be billed at the end of the month if you haven’t done 12 shoutouts per month.


What happens if I cancel?

If you cancel, we'll bill you for your final month if you didn't do 12 shout outs in that month.


How do I keep track of how many shoutouts I’ve done?

You can keep track of your shoutouts through your reporting page. Click on the sidebar item in your dashboard. On the reporting page, we show you how many more shoutouts you need to do to keep Ampjar free.


What type of shoutouts do I have to do?

You can do any type of shout out - social, email or post-checkout. Brands thrive when they help each other out, the more you do the better the result!


What will I earn and get back in return?

Read about the return on investment of Ampjar here, and the most recent experience of one of our customers here.


Will I lose my Founding Member Status if I decide to cancel my account?

Yes. It's a one time thing.


Can I transfer my Founding Member status to a business friend?
No, unfortunately not. Although, while the program is still accepting brands please feel free to share the Ampjar application page with them.


How many Founding Members are currently on board?

The number is increasing daily but at the time of writing (October) we have 560 Founding Members who use Ampjar for free and have some great stories about how it is working for them. If you know anyone else who would benefit the community and get some great success out of it, then please share the Ampjar application with them.


What will happen after Founder Memberships have all been taken up?

Non-Founding Members will be charged the membership fee to be a part of the Ampjar community.