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Post-Checkout Shoutouts

Shouting out one of your matched brands on your post-checkout page is win-win. Set it up and then let it work for you!

Post Checkout 081020

When someone has bought an item online, they land on a post-checkout page that says 'All confirmed, here's a summary, now close this window'.

We wanted to give small brands a chance to get in front of each other's customers who have purchased from a matched brand while they still have their credit card in their hand!

By this point, the customer has already finished with their purchase, so it's a great time to shout another relevant brand out.

How it works

Simply place a line of code on your post-checkout page and in your order confirmation email, and every time someone hits that page or receives that email, we'll ensure that a piece of content from one of your matched brands is shown. Whenever this happens, you'll earn some Karma Credits.

The ad is shown with a nice message saying 'While you're here, here's another small brand that you might love'.

We'll also ensure that you are shown on your matched brands' post-checkout pages and confirmation emails.

Adding the code to your site
Depending on the website platform that you're using, there are different ways to set this up. You can follow the instructions here and get it done in 5 minutes.

One last thing
This really is 'set and forget' - once you've done it, head to your Activity Log and you'll see how the Karma Credits are really mounting up!


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