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What is the ‘Shoutouts by Ampjar’ Mobile App? (NEW!)

We’ve made shouting out other brands and sharing the small biz love even EASIER, so now you can grow your business on the GO!

The ‘Shoutouts by Ampjar’ app is mindfully designed for capturing productivity in the moments between the moments, so you can hustle while you bustle no matter where your busy day takes you. Got a sneaky 5-mins before your yoga class starts? Waiting at the bar for a friend? Standing at the gate for school pickup? Maximize those minutes with the push of a button from the palm of your hand to:

  • DISCOVER incredible brands and content to share.
  • CREATE your shoutouts using our curated range of eye-catching templates.
  • SHARE your shoutouts in seconds and earn karma for others to share you in return.

We know time is your greatest commodity and our new supercharged shoutouts allow you to share DIRECT to Instagram Stories on your phone from ANYWHERE with a few simple swipes. It’s sleek and intuitive design means you’re no longer tied to your desktop to launch your shoutouts - though you still can if that’s your jam!


Supporting other small businesses and meeting new customers is now EASIER than ever with the ‘Shoutouts by Ampjar’ mobile app - all it takes is a swipe and a tap!


Demo below how to use 'Shoutouts by Ampjar'