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Everything about our Community

The brands that you are now connected with make all the difference to ensuring you have a great experience and achieve great results.

When you first set up your Ampjar account we ask you some questions to understand two things:

  • Who your customers are and what they are interested in.
  • Who your ideal new customers are.

We use this information to order the brands that you are shown in the community page, so you can find the best brands to share quickly and easily.


Community page correct



Once you're in

Once you get into your account for the first time, you can explore the community. 

Your view of the community is unique to you, with members who we believe are the best fit sitting higher up. 

When looking through other members profiles, you may want to do one of two things:

1) flag them as a favorite

2) remove them as a connection

Simply hit the star button to flag them as a favorite and they'll be much easier to see in the future.

Hit the trash can at the bottom of their card and you then have the option to disconnect from any other member, which means you won't see them again and they won't be able to see or share you.

One other thing you can set up is to auto-share another member, more on that very soon!

To get started simply select another member or a few members and provided you have added billing details, you can start shouting them out straight away. 


Complete the series of six videos and articles here and become an Ampjar master in 15 minutes