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Everything about Matches

The brands that you are matched with make all the difference to ensuring you have a great experience and achieve great results.


When you first set up your Ampjar account we ask you some questions to understand two things:

  • who your customers are and what they are interested in
  • who your ideal new customers are.

We use this information to match you with other brands.

You have two types of matches:

  1. Advertising matches - these are brands who you are 'advertising with' who will shout you out to their customers
  2. Hosting matches - these are the brands that you will shout out to your customers.

Once you're in

Once you get into your account for the first time, you can review your matches. We created these matches for you based on your profiling questions and they are ordered how likely they are to be a great fit.

We will have picked out a few that are pending and then you can explore more.

Your pending matches are pending because we need to ask your matched brand if they want to match with you too. We also ask you to subscribe before we send off these requests.

On your pending matches you will also see you have the option to unmatch with a brand for now, which means we'll remove them as a match for now but you may be matched in the future, or unmatch with a brand forever which means you will never be matched with that brand again.

You can also explore more matches and request to match with anyone who you think is a great fit.

We suggest you have at least 6-8 matches for both advertising and hosting, but really as long as they are good matches, the more the merrier.


Weekly Matching Event

Because great new brands are joining all the time, we want to let you match with the ones that would really suit you perfectly.
Every week we spin up our matching engine and find you new matches across all the new and existing brands on our platform. We do approximately 50,000 calculations just for you to help you find your perfect matches.


The timeline is:

  ET (New York) PT (Los Angeles) AET (Melbourne)
Find great new matches for you Mon 5pm Mon 2pm Tues 7am
New Matches go live Wed 5pm Wed 2pm Thurs 7am


When we find new matches for you, we'll send you an email and put your matches in your matches pages as 'pending'. If you don't want to match, hit the cross and they're gone, if you do, hit the tick or just leave them.

All pending matches will then go live 48 hours later.


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