Permission to Upload Your Contacts

How We Define Permission

Permission is express, verifiable consent to receive marketing communication.

Express means that when you asked for permission, your question wasn't tied in with another agreement. It's why you see a separate checkbox for reputable email sign-ups.

We recommend getting written or otherwise archived permission from each subscriber. When you use Ampjar's signup forms, we record the time and date of the sign-up, so you have clear permission.

Not Having Permission

People who haven't given you permission are much more likely to report your email campaigns as spam, and less likely to engage with your campaigns or make purchases. It's certainly in your best interest to always secure express permission.

Spam reports can lead to aggressive spam filtering or blacklisting, which makes it impossible for some subscribers to receive any of your campaigns.

Spam Reports and Filters

When someone reports an email as spam, their inbox notifies their internet service provider (ISP) that the message looks suspicious. The ISP then tracks how many people on their network report emails from the sending domain as spam.

Your recipients are also more likely to mark your emails as spam if they're not familiar with your company. Studies show 43 percent of email users will report spam if they don't recognize the sender's From name or From email address. Make sure these labels are clearly tied to your brand, and send campaigns regularly so subscribers don't forget who you are. You should always include a permission reminder in your email campaign footer.

A few complaints can derail your email marketing for a long time, so it's critical to ensure all your subscribers have given permission.

What You Should Do

To ensure your emails get to your valuable customers, always secure permission from everyone on your list before you send. Never assume you have permission, and when in doubt, get confirmation.

Never send unsolicited marketing campaigns. We strongly recommend you use our signup forms so you have a record of each person's signup.

Remember that any list from a third-party source, no matter how reputable, violates our Terms and puts you at risk.

To comply with the CAN-SPAM Act, always give subscribers the option to opt-out from email messages and honor all opt-out requests.