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Karma Credits

Karma Credits are the currency that makes the world go round inside Ampjar. Know how they work and how you can earn more!


We've all been there, someone asks you to do a collaboration with them, they have about a quarter of the size of your audience and you have to have an awkward conversation about how this will work. Or you just go with it even though you know it's not going to be great for you. 
You may have been on the other side too, you know a brand, want to do something with them but they have a much bigger audience and you never end up asking (pleading) to do something together. 

Karma Credits are how we work this out inside Ampjar, reward you for having lots of customers who really love you and help you to work with the bigger brands too.

The Basics

Every time you shout someone out inside Ampjar you earn Karma Credits. These credits are automatically transferred from the matched brand that you shouted out. 
When one of your matched brands shouts you out, we transfer some credits from you to them.

This won't be in the test but just so you know, 10 Karma Credits = 1 US dollar.

The calculations behind it all

We do all the calculations for you: how many people saw your ad, how many people engaged with your ads etc. A view on a post-checkout page is worth more than a view on stories and there is a lot more to it that would fill this page and be very boring.

A shout out could cost or earn you just a few Karma Credits all the way up to a few thousand Karma Credits based on how many people saw it and clicked on it.

We handle all of this for you so you have enough Karma Credits to pay for your shoutouts. 

You can also buy Karma Credits. Any time you want to get a little more exposure around a certain product or sales period, you just head to the Boosting page and choose your boost. We'll then make sure your ads are shared more (and faster).

Seeing your Activity 

You will see your Karma Credit balance move up and down multiple times a day based on hosting and advertising, which is a great thing.
Your Activity Log shows all the times you shouted out one of your matched brands and every time one of your matched brands shouted you out.


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