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Karma Jar

Karma keeps everything working in Ampjar.

The Basics

Every time you shout someone out inside Ampjar you earn Karma. This karma is automatically transferred from the brand that you shouted out. When another brand shouts you out, some karma moves from you to them.

The Karma Jar

We keep track of all your karma with your own karma jar. The level of fullness will let you know how much karma you have. If its empty, it's time to do more shoutouts! This image below shows an example of what a half full karma jar would look like. You can find it on your homepage in the Ampjar dashboard and your reporting page.

Jar-50The calculations behind it all

We do all the calculations for you: how many people saw your shout out and how many people engaged with it. It's a little more complex than this, in that a view on a post-checkout page is worth more than a view on stories, but we do the math for you and handle it all. When you provide someone value you earn karma.


A shout out could cost or earn you a little bit of karma or a lot of karma based on how many people saw it and clicked on it.

You can also boost your karma. Any time you want to get a little more exposure around a certain product or sales period, you just head to the Boosting page and choose your boost. We'll then make sure you're shared more (and faster).