What is Shortlist for Businesses?

Shortlist by Ampjar, helps you to turn all of your customers into powerful advocates.

We're putting the power into the hands of people who actually love businesses, rather than influencers who are paid to talk about someone.

Your customers will list you as a business that they couldn't live without, their friends and followers will browse who they recommend and you will have warm customers seeking you out.

Viewers will be able to see lists, with brands and businesses contained within those lists. When viewers click through, they will see (in Insta Stories format) a page displaying content from the brand or business (if the brand or business has created this inside Ampjar). At the very end of the Stories, viewers will then roll into seeing the next item on the list (if the creator of the list has added content or, if the brand or business has added their own content).



For just $9 a month, you can include a part of your brand's story right next to every recommendation AND have full visibility of who your biggest sharers are. You can use this to build a rewards program, activate a squad of brand ambassadors or just know who to say 'Thank-you' to across your socials, or when you see them next!