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How to get started now you’ve downloaded the app

Now you have dowloaded the Ampjar App, we recommend jumping onto the desktop version and setting up the following:

  • Update your profile
  • Complete your brand personality quiz
  • Add to your gallery

Your Ampjar Profile is just as important as your Instagram Bio.

Every Ampjar brand has their own profile. This is so that everyone can get to know what your brand is all about! It’s like filling out an all about me questionnaire.

  • When another brand sees your profile on our community page it’s called a Brand Card. Everyone has one!

    https://f.hubspotusercontent40.net/hubfs/6123641/Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 9-25-19 AM-png.png

  • You’ll see yours on the side of your Profile page. While you edit your profile it will instantly update so you can see what others see. This is an example of what a Brand Card looks like in its most basic form.

  • Now you can scroll down to learn about each section in detail on the profile page

Brand logo

  • This should be your logo that you use on Insta, your website, etc, so that you are instantly recognizable from Insta to Ampjar.

Brand Bio

  • Think of this as your one liner description about your brand. You can match it with your Insta bio if you like so but a brief overview is all that’s required here as there’s room for greater detail elsewhere on your brand card.

Company Website & Instagram Username

  • When you fill these out it allows brands to click on the little icons on your Brand Card and will redirect them straight to your website and Insta so they can instantly check you out.

Behind the Brand

  • This is where you can share some fun facts about you and/or your brand. Remember in school when someone asks you to share fun facts and you can’t think of anything on the spot but you know you have something cool? Well sharing more detail in this section is a great way for brands to get to know more about your business and is a ideal way for you to easily provide ‘touch points’ for them to mention when their sharing you with their followers. So take some time and don’t forget to add some images too!

Favorite Product

  • This is where you can add an image, name and link directly to your favorite product that you sell. Simply copy the link to the product from your website, paste it in the section provide and upload an image. It’s a cool way to showcase your ‘best seller’ or ‘crowd favourite’ item to other brands.

Brand Personality Quiz

  • This is the quiz you completed when you first created your Ampjar account so we could get to know your brand. If you ever need to update your answers, can do so here at any time by simply selecting the ‘Update’ button and following the prompts to answer the quiz questions again. 

Content Gallery

  • This is where you can curate pieces of content for brands to use in any shoutout they chose across; Insta Stories, Emails, Tik-Tok, Facebook & Post-Checkout confirmation/thank-you pages.. To give you an idea of how much and what type of content works best, we’ve found the ideal amount is 3-6 pieces showcasing a mix of product & lifestyle images. They don’t need to be professional shots, but as the saying goes ‘A picture speaks a thousand words.’ so using images with good lighting so the product or subject can be clearly seen will go a long way to encouraging other brands to share it.
  • The first 3 pieces of content will be visible on your brand card. You can re-order them any time by simply dragging and dropping from the Content Gallery into your preferred order.

Tip: When you’re creating content to share, be sure to include some text in the section next to the image. While Insta Story shoutouts won’t use the text, email and post check out shoutouts might. Adding text allows you to explain what the image/product/service relates to so it’s important to ensure you stick to the character limit (160) and your text is free of spelling and punctuation errors.

That’s it, you’re ready to go! Simply visit your Profile to update your Brand Profile Card any time you like!