How to create a Shortlist business profile

As an existing Ampjar member, creating your Shortlist business profile is super simple - you don't even have to leave your Dashboard!

  • Select Shortlist from the menu bar inside your Ampjar Dashboard.
  • Click 'Subscribe' to join Shortlist for just $9/month. Anytime a consumer adds you to their list, we'll automatically incorporate a piece of content curated by you into their post about your business. Each time you're shared we'll track it, enabling you to see how often you were shared and exactly who shared you, so you can connect with your biggest fans and reward them however you choose!
  • Engage new customers by sharing some interesting details about your brand in the text box provided. This is what potential customers will see when they view your business on someone's list, so you'll want to include information that will encourage them to come check you out! Have you recently won an award, or featured in a magazine? What's your most popular product? Now's not the time to be shy!
  • Add a link so that potential customers can find you. This might be to your Instagram profile or your website/online store. It's entirely up to you!
  • Customize your button text. This is what new customers will click to be redirected to your Insta profile or website, so think of it as a 'call to action'. For example; 'Shop Now', 'Explore Our Range', 'Discover Now', or how about a cheeky 'Take My Money!'
  • Upload an image - they say 'A picture speaks a thousand words!' so choose something eye-catching to showcase the best of your business. A stunning product shot will go a long way to encouraging new customers to check you out!

Congrats! You've just created your Shortlist business profile! Now, anytime someone lists you as a business they love, their friends, family and followers will see your gorgeous content. It's your social super highway to driving more customers directly to you!