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How to create and view a list

In a matter of minutes, you can create and view your first list!

It's super simple to create and view a list, start by creating your account here!

Step 1: Create a new list or use one of the popular suggested titles to get started.

Step 2: Simply add brands or businesses by entering their; name, Insta handle and then fill out the questions we've provided to make it personal and share why you love them!

E.g. Is it a gorgeous shade of lipstick you love? The best baby teether you've discovered? Or your fave pilates studio with the most incredible instructors?

Step 3: Upload an eye-catching image for each brand to showcase what you love about them.

Step 4: Add more brands to your list.

Step 5: Select 'View List' to preview your list.

Step 6: Once you're happy with your list, hit 'Share' to shout it from the rooftops!

Step 7: Make another list!

Set your secrets free! Create and share your individual list link on your preferred social channels to keep your friends and followers looped in on all your favorite finds.


Watch this video to see how!

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