How many Social Shoutouts should I do?

Instagram story shoutouts

We always say it's better to do more. We recommend to start with at least 3-4 shoutouts a week and go from there. We've seen brands make this work by doing things like;

      • Small Biz Wednesday
      • Shoutout Friday
      • Female Owned Biz Day
      • Etc

When doing a theme like this you can do multiple shoutouts in a row while giving context to your followers. 

We proudly use a karma system that means that whenever you shout someone out, you earn karma for doing so and we then ensure that other brands in your community will shout you out in return, using the karma that you earned. Learn more about Karma here.

It won't necessarily be the brand that you shouted out that will shout you out in return, but rather that you shout out someone in your community and someone in your community will shout you out in return.