Really selective on who you want to 'Shout out'?

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The new Ampjar is focused on helping our members to meet new customers through shoutouts from other brands. It’s like a community version of Facebook Ads. Our existing brands are quickly seeing result and are loving the curated community of brands we are creating.

We connect likeminded brands to shout each other out through their emails, Instagram stories and thank you pages so everyone reaches new customers every day. We’re very protective of the brands who we let in, so we can get you in front of great new brands and customers you may never normally have met. The brands you are connected with talk to the kind of customers that you told us that you want to reach. They may not directly relate to your product area, but certainly talk to your kind of customers. Doing it this way means you open up so many new opportunities to find more of your dream customers!

Your community is ordered in a way that is unique to you - based on the answers you gave to the profiling questions. You can change your answers to those questions whenever you like. You always remain in full control over which brands you share. Because our curated community of brands is growing daily we’ll bring you new opportunities as great ones pop up.