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How do post-checkout shout outs work?

When someone has bought an item online, they land on a post-checkout page that says 'All confirmed, now close this window'.

We wanted to give you a chance to get in front of those customers who have purchased from a matched brand while they still have their credit card in their hand!

By this point, the customer has already finished with their purchase, so it's a great time to shout another relevant brand out.

The ad is shown on the post-checkout page, and in the confirmation email with a nice message saying 'While you're here, here's another small brand that you might love'.


Who gets shared?

You are always in control of any brand that you want to share through post-checkout shoutouts. You can select them one by one when you first set this up and then whenever you see a brand in your community page, you can elect to turn on and off auto-sharing via post-checkout shoutouts.

Learn about setting them up here.