Welcome to the Glossary of all things Ampjar!

Here you'll find a list and links to help explain our most commonly used words and phrases...


Account Settings

Where all the important admin bits and bobs are kept. You can find your Account Settings in the bottom left corner of your Dashboard screen next to the 'cog' icon. If you need to update your shoutout settings, view your billing info or update your password and email address, Account Settings is where you'll find it!

Activity Log

Located under the 'Reporting' tab, your Activity Log provides detailed information about your shoutout activity, clicks and views, your subscription type, billing date and shows how much karma you have in your karma jar. Learn more.


Our name comes from the words 'amplify' (to make louder) and 'jar' - because many of the best brands start by selling wonderfully needful things in mason jars. It could be luxurious skincare products, homegrown delicacies or beautiful accessories. We just love that whole vibe! Check out our hardworking team behind the name here on our About Us page!

Ampjar University

A section of our Help Center with tips, articles and video tutorials to help you learn everything about your Ampjar account. Find out more here.

Archived Content

Content you’ve created in your Profile section that is no longer visible to our brand Community on your Brand Profile Card. You can Archive or Unarchive content at any time from your Gallery by selecting the Edit button on the piece of content you wish to edit.


Our most popular subscription plan! You choose your Auto-Boost top up amount and if your karma balance stays at zero for 7-consecutive days, we'll automatically top up your karma jar for you so other brands can keep sharing you. Learn more about our Auto-Boost plan here.


Background Template

A colorful background graphic that can be customized to help make your social shoutout really pop!


Depending on what type of subscription you’ve chosen, billing on your account may occur weekly, monthly or, not at all! Find out more here in our Billing FAQ’s.


This is where you can purchase a boost pack to have karma instantly applied to your account so others can share you straight away. Learn more.

Brand Bio

A brief sentence up to 160 characters that best describes your brand and will be visible on your Brand Profile Card.

Brand Personality Quiz

A fun way for us to learn about your brand so we can match you with other like-minded brands! When you first join us and create your profile, we ask you a series of questions about your brand and business (don't worry, it only takes a minute) to give us an idea of which members in our Community could be a great fit for you to shoutout and collaborate with. We'll offer these suggestions to you at the top of your Community section, but you can still view our entire community and shoutout whoever you like! If you want to update your answers to the quiz you can do so any time from your Profile section.

Brand Profile Card

Your Brand Profile Card contains all of the information from your Profile & Gallery. It's what other brands will see when they're browsing through our Community looking for brands to shout out, so make it pretty by completing each section and uploading some gorgeous content for other brands to share! Learn more.



Every brand that joins us is asked to choose from a list of categories that best describes their products or services, for example: Art & Design, Beauty, Health & Wellness, Jewelry & Accessories, Kids & Babies, Luxury, Vegan etc. Members can then use the ‘Categories’ filter when looking for brands to share on desktop to help them to discover all the brands within our community that fit within those categories. You can update your categories any time in your Profile section.


Our community is made up of around 900 incredible brands, all sharing one another with their audiences across socials, emails and post-checkouts to help each other reach new business - and for the warm fuzzies it brings too!


A filter option that allows you to quickly find other brands that are part of your community (formerly known as Societies) e.g. if you’re participating in Discover Small Week simply select the Community filter to display a list of all of the other brands also participating in this event.

Connect & Collaborate

A feature that appears on your brand card when you and another brand have both shared each other. Learn more.

Content Gallery

Your Content Gallery is the place for you to curate content that you want other brands to share/promote for you. Whenever you create a piece of content it gets added to your Brand Profile Card so other brands can see it and share it with their followers. Learn more about what type of content works best here.

Cover Templates

A colourful graphic you can use at the start of your Insta Stories shoutout to help introduce the brands you are shouting out. You know how a great looking front cover of a book can entice you to read the pages within? Well it's just like that! It helps give context to your shoutouts for your followers and adds a whole-lotta WOW factor for the brands your sharing!



The section of your account profile that you’ll arrive at when you first log in. Here you’ll find an overview of your shoutout activity, your karma jar balance, important notifications and invitations.

Discover Mode

A ‘swipe left’ or ‘swipe right’ viewing mode in our mobile app that allows you to view brands individually. Learn more.

Discover Small Week

DSW (sometimes also known as Discover More Week) is our week long Insta Stories celebration where businesses shout each other out using the ‘Shoutouts by Ampjar’ mobile app. Participating brands share one another across the course of the week putting each other in front of new customers and earning a bunch of karma so they can be shared in return.


Email Shoutout

A shoutout for another brand that appears at the bottom of your email campaign. It’s a great way to share another small business and introduce your customers to a new brand you think they might like. Learn more.

Explore Mode

A viewing mode in our mobile app that allows you to scroll down and view multiple brands at a glance in our community. ‘Explore’ mode differs from ‘Discover’ mode as it allows you to view content from multiple brands at once, rather than one brand at a time. Learn more.



A simple way to save brands you like so you can easily find them again later and shout them out. If you’re using mobile to browse brands, simply swipe right on the brand in ‘Discover’ mode to save it to your Favorites. If using ‘Explore’ mode or if you’re on desktop, click the little love heart icon in the top right hand corner of the brands’ profile card to favourite brands using these methods. You can find them easily again on mobile by clicking on the love heart icon at the bottom of your screen, or find them on desktop by selecting the ‘Sort By’ filter and selecting ‘Favourites’ from the drop down menu.


A great tool to use in desktop mode to help you discover brands to share in our Community section. Simply select how you would like to sort brands by choosing from; Location, Categories, Sort By & Communities and then by selecting the sub-choices within these drop down menus. If you happen to know the name of the brand you want to find, simply enter the text in the search field and VOILA!

Fire Emoji

The little 'fire' emoji you see on a brand card next to the brand name to let you know this member is very active in our Community and running HOT! Learn more.

Founding Membership

A subscription tier that our first 500 members were eligible to apply for but is now closed. Ampjar is free for Founding Members in exchange for shouting out 12 brands per month. Learn more about our current pricing plans here.


Help Center

Our ‘central intelligence’ area where you can find informative articles, advice, tips and video tutorials to help you learn about our features and understand how our platform works. We highly recommend new members grab a coffee and spend a few minutes browsing through the different topics our expert team have created in our Help Center so you can become an Ampjar ninja in no time!


Instagram Stories Shoutout

A shoutout that gets posted to your Insta Stories. This type of social shoutout remains visible to your audience for 24 hours and does not remain on your permanent feed. Learn more about the different types of shoutouts here.



What you earn for shouting out other brands, recognizable by the cool blue liquid contained in your karma jar, and that warm fuzzy feeling that comes over you when you lift up another brand. Learn more.

Karma Jar

The little jar you'll see on your Dashboard and in your Reporting page that fills up every time you shoutout another brand. Learn more.

Karma Llama

Our official Ampjar Ambassador who's job it is to welcome you to our Community! He'll help show you around, give you gentle reminders on occasion and celebrate your awesomeness when you shoutout other brands!


Link Sticker

An absolute ‘must-have’ on any great shoutout. This is where you use Instagram’s Link Sticker feature to tag the brand you’re shouting out by adding their website url. It’s a vital part of the shoutout process because it notifies the brand you’ve shared them and enables your audience to click the link to visit their website and check them out. Learn more.

Live Chat

Where human help is at hand! If you need urgent assistance or have a question and can’t find the answer in our Help Center, you can get in touch with our team by clicking the blue chat bubble that appears in the bottom right of your screen inside your account or, via the Contact Us form on our website. We’re a friendly, helpful bunch and if we don’t know the answer straight away we’ll hunt it down and circle back to you in a jiffy!



Previews appear on the side of a piece of content you’ve created so you can view how your content would appear as an Email, Post-Checkout or Social shoutout. Learn more.


This is the section of your account displaying all the information you'd like our Community members to know about you and your business and will be displayed on your Brand Card. Completing it helps get you shared by other brands! Learn more.


Our top shelf subscription plan at bottom shelf prices. Pro-Plan is fully account managed by us where we create your shoutouts (and post them too if you like) for you. Learn more.

Post-checkout shoutout

A shoutout for another brand that is displayed in your website sales confirmation and thank-you pages. It’s a set and forget feature allowing you full control to choose the brands that you want to share and earns you karma on autopilot. Learn more.



The area in your account where you’ll find your Activity Log and can view detailed information about your shoutout activity, clicks and views, your subscription type, billing date and how much karma you have in your karma jar.


When you’re loving being part of our community and want to invite another fab brand you know to join us, you can send them your own unique referral link. Learn more.



An online sharing event where participating brands shout each other out via Insta Stories, TikTok or Facebook over a duration of one or two weeks to help each other reach new business! Learn more.

Sharing Event

A themed event usually one-week in duration that anyone in our community can apply to join. To see upcoming sharing events or suggest one of your own, simply click the Get Shared menu tab in your account.

Seedling Emoji

The little 'seedling' emoji you see on a brand card next to their brand name to let you know this member is NEW to our Community! Learn more.


A shoutout is where brands share each other across socials, emails and website post-checkout sales/thank-you pages to lift one another up and reach new business. It’s a small act of kindness that shines a light on one another and enables your audiences to discover new brands to love too! Learn more.

Shoutouts By Ampjar Mobile App

Available to download for FREE on iOS and Android, our mobile app helps you discover, create and share shoutouts on the go wherever and whenever you like. Learn more.

Shoutout Party

An online sharing event where a capped number of complementary brands are invited to shout each other out on Insta Stories over a 48-hour period. You can register to join a Shoutout Party via the Get Shared menu tab in your account.


A little something we created to help you share lists of your most beloved brands with your audiences, and have others share your curated content to bring you new business too! Learn more.

Social Shoutout

A shoutout posted to Instagram Stories, TikTok or Facebook which earns you karma. Learn more.

Standard Plan

A monthly membership plan with petite pricing and no minimum shoutout requirement! Learn more.



Essential for a shoutout to be successful, this is where you tag the brand you’re sharing by adding Instagram’s link sticker feature with the brands’ website url to your social shoutout. Learn more.


Every time you shoutout another brand or receive a shoutout, we’ll track it on your Reporting page along with additional information like total reach and clicks. Learn more about tracking here or if you'd like to dive deeper still, you can read our Blog article on how to set up UTM tracking codes using Google Analytics.