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Creating Ads

Your ads are the content that other brands share with their customers, so making these perfect is well worth a few minutes.

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Whenever a brand shouts out another brand on Ampjar they are doing it because they want to share the small business love and want to earn some Karma Credits. Sharing an ad should never be a negative thing. The best ads on Ampjar are beautiful and tell a story. You'll never see a big obnoxious flashing sign that says Casino Casino Casino!

We actually don't love the word ads, we think of this more as a piece of your best content that other people would love to see, but the word ads is so short it just works!


Creating Ads

Creating an ad is very simple and quick. You can upload an image from your computer or choose a piece of content from your Instagram feed. You add a caption that will intrigue someone who may not know anything about you and choose where it links.

You can also choose to have your ad expire on a certain date, this means if you're sharing something that relates to a season, holiday, or a promotion. You can tell us to stop using this ad after this date.


Managing Ads

You can delete, archive and unarchive ads with one click. We recommend you keep at least 4 ads live at any point in time, and there's no maximum.


One last thing

Keep in mind that sometimes your ads will be shown with your brand name next to it (on post-checkout shoutouts), sometimes they will be shown exactly like the preview shows (email shoutouts). While sometimes the image will be used on its own and the brand shouting you out will add their own caption (social shout outs). 

So our big tip is to start with the image. Find something beautiful and intriguing that any of your matched brands would love to share.


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