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Create beautiful shoutouts to share with our custom templates

Want to add some eye-popping color and style to you shoutouts? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve created a kaleidoscope of templates and designs that are sure to grab your audiences’ attention.

Depending on the style of shoutout you wish to create, you can choose from our range of custom templates that allow you to layer an image from a brands’ curated content with a background, or simply choose a template background and add text to list the brand/s you’d like to shoutout. Whether you choose to shoutout from ‘Discover’ or ‘Explore’ mode, you’re only a few taps away from sharing shoutouts your followers will LOVE!


Here’s how...

  • From ‘Discover’ or ‘Explore’ mode - select a brand or image to share by by tapping on the brand tile, then tap the yellow shoutout icon Shoutout by Ampjar - logo underneath the image to load the template gallery.
  • From the template gallery, simply swipe up or down to view our range of templates or, select the IMG_3207‘Slideshow’ button in the top right of your screen to load a horizontal view, and swipe left and right to view the range this way.
  • Choose your preferred template by tapping it or select IMG_3206‘Add Image’ at the top left of your screen to upload your own background and add it to the gallery.
  • Once you’ve chosen your template by tapping on it, select the ‘Next’ button towards the bottom of your screen.
  • If you’ve chosen a template that allows you to insert an image, on this next screen you’ll see them married together in perfect harmony!
  • If you’re not ready to share your shoutout straight away, simply select the ‘Save for later’ button underneath your shoutout. You can view any ‘Save for later’ shoutouts you’ve created any time you like by tapping the shoutouts icon at the bottom of your screen.

Creating shoutouts is awesomely simple right?! And now that you’ve finished your masterpiece, there’s just one thing left to do....

Share your shoutout to Insta Stories