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Community Page

The hub of Ampjar!

The Community page is a super important area. There are so many things you can do on this page.

First and foremost, this is where you find brands and walk through the shoutout flow. They all start by clicking the box on the top right corner of a brand profile card and hitting next. You can find more information about each type of shoutout below. 

Learn more about Social Shoutouts

Learn more about Email Shoutouts


For our visual learners, this 1 minute video will give you an overview of what this page has. 

HubSpot Video

Members & Brand cards

  • All of our members have a brand card on this page. This is where you can look through brands to see who you want to shoutout. The brand cards allow you to learn all about the brands.

Connect & Collaborate

  • If you and a brand have shouted each other out this function will appear as clickable. It will allow you to connect with the brand via email.
  • Brands have done this when the wanted to collaborate on a product or service together.
  • Do a giveaway together and many more things.
Search options
  • Location: Shows you all brands located in that country.
  • Category: These categories come from how brands filled out their Brand Personality Quiz
  • Sort by: Favorites, New & Running Hot
    • Favorites: Brands that you’ve marked as a favorite. (You can do this by clicking on the star on the top right corner on any brand’s brand card.)
    • 🌱New: Brands that have recently joined the Ampjar.
    • 🔥Running Hot: These are brands that are doing a lot of shoutouts right now.


  • These are groups of members that are doing activities together, like shoutout parties, discover more week and more. If you are a part of one these activities this is where you’ll find it. 


  • These are sharing events. You can find brands to share by clicking on them.
  • Each brand has to submit an extra reason as to why they are a good fit for this event. Whihc helps you in learning more about them.
  • If you are looking to get shared more apply to be apart of these events on the event page. (Learn more here)

Post-checkout toggle

  • At the bottom of any brand’s brand card, if you set up post check out, there will be an on/off button that with one click lets you add a brand to your post check out shoutouts or take one off. (Learn more about this here)