Can I pause my account?

What happens if I need to pause billing on my account? Can I do that?

We understand that sometimes things happen in life that are simply beyond your control (like a pandemic for instance!) and you may need to take a step back for a little bit. To help support you during those times, we’ve introduced a pause policy to allow you to pause billing on your account for two billing cycles, provided you’ve been actively shouting out members of our Community for a minimum of two months.

How do I pause my account?

Simply head to the Close Account tab in your Account Settings and select the option to pause. Our team will assess your request and reach out via email to confirm if your request is approved.

How will I know when my pause is due to end?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! A member of our Customer Success team will reach out via email a couple of days before your pause is due to end with a little reminder.

Is there a limit to how often I can pause?

Yes. Our policy allows you to pause once every 6-month period.

What happens if I need to pause mid-month?

When we pause billing on your account, the pause covers you for two billing cycles (not calendar months), so if your billing resets monthly on the 15th then you won’t be charged on the following two billing events that occur on that date. If you’re ever unsure of your billing date you can find this on your Reporting page.