Can I attach a PDF to my email newsletter?

While there's no direct way to attach a file to your email newsletter, there are a few smart ways to get it into your customers' hands.

Including a brochure, price list, entry form or some other document in an email to your customers can be a great idea.

While in a one-on-one email that you might send to a colleague or friend that you might send through gmail, outlook or hotmail, you can simply attach it to your email, email newsletters work a little differently.

There are two reasons why this doesn't work;

1. Attachments are not a spam filter's friend as they're a common way that viruses are spread around. 

2. This will make your emails way to big to send out to your customer list.


How to get around this

Rather than attaching your file, you need to link to it. To do this, you need to upload your file somewhere that it is publicly accessible and then share that link in your email.


Uploading my file online

You need to upload/save your file somewhere publicly accessible, so that it can be linked to through a web link. You can do this by uploading it to your gmail drive, your dropbox account, wetransfer or any other cloud storage that you can link to.

The one thing that you need to ensure you get right is making the file publicly accessible.

This is done through sharing settings; you need to change the file to be accessible by 'anyone who has the link'. Make sure the file is accessible, but only viewable, not editable. It means anyone can click the link and get to the file, but not change it!

Now copy the link and try it out. If you use Chrome, head to File at the top and click 'new incognito window' this is a way to view something without any tracking, being logged in, and essentially lets you test 'can anyone really access this file?'. 

If you can't get to it, review your sharing settings.


Linking to my file

Now you have the link, you can use it in your email.

There are two great places to link to your file,;

1. Through your intro text - you can either just paste the link straight into your text, or highlight a word or a group of words, and the formatting menu will appear at the bottom of the editing box. Hit the link icon and paste your link in there. Now anyone clicking on those words will get to your file in a new tab.

2. Make one of your images and buttons link to the file. In the same way that you might change an image and button to link to a page on your website, use your file link in the same way. Pick the perfect button text, and you're done!