All about Social Shoutouts

Social shoutouts are done on Instagram stories.

Social shoutouts are done via Instagram stories. A fun and fast way to share brands! These are some examples of social shoutouts that our Ampjar members have done. 

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This is a 1 minute video that walks you through doing a social shoutout.

Social shoutout
  • Head to the community page to start a social shoutout. 
  • You can choose as many brands as you want to shoutout by checking the boxes on the top right corner of each brand card.

There 3 options for shoutouts:

Shoutout now

  • Pretty self explanatory, and means you want to shoutout the brands now but also may want to chose some images from the brands content gallery. 

Schedule for later

  • Let's say you want to do something like small Biz Wednesday weekly and share a few brands in a row. Here you can set reminders with the brands you want to shoutout, the date and the time. Then we’ll email you a reminder to do the shoutouts on that day and time. 

I’ve just shared these brands

  • You’re an Ampjar expert and already shared the brand but are coming here to confirm them.

Confirming brands is important! This allows us to see that you’ve done the shoutout and then you earn Karma for your Karma jar.


Quick tips: 

  • Don’t forget to tag the brands on your shoutouts on Insta stories so that the brands can see all the love they get. 
  • Remember Ampjar never posts the shoutouts to your instagram story. We don’t have access to it.

Time to go do some socials shoutouts!