All about Post-Checkout Shoutouts

Shoutout brands while you're sleeping. (Hint: It's automatic.)

When someone has bought an item online, they land on a post-checkout page that says 'All confirmed, now close this window'. 

We wanted to give you a chance to get in front of those customers who have purchased from a brand while they still have their credit card in their hand!


Watch this quick video to see how to set up your post check out shoutouts. 

HubSpot Video


How it works

  • Simply place a line of code on your post-checkout page and in your order confirmation email, and every time someone hits that page or receives that email, it will automatically share a piece of content from one of the brands you've chosen. 

Who gets shown?

  • You are in complete control of who is shown. When you first set up post-checkout shout outs, you are shown a list of other members ordered by how good a fit we think they are and you can choose to include them as someone to share or not share. 
  • Just use the on/off toggle button to turn a brand on or off.
  • When ever you're browsing your community page you can also see whether you're sharing a brand on post-checkout or not and toggle this on or off.

Adding the code to your site