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Adding the Link Sticker to your shoutout

Now that you’ve created an award-worthy shoutout to share, you’re almost ready to post it to your Instagram Stories...

But first, it’s SUPER important for you to add a link sticker for the brand you’re sharing so your shoutout is a raging success! There’s two essential reasons for this:

  1. Adding a link sticker for the brand allows your followers to visit that brand directly so they can check them out and fall in love with them too!
  2. The link sticker enables us to track your shoutout and reward you with karma, so other brands can share you with their audiences as well!

Makes perfect sense, right?!

So here’s how to do it:

  • When viewing your shoutout in Instagram, select the little sticker tool Sticker Icon from the top navigation bar.


  • Tap the ‘Link’ sticker to copy your desired URL link and tap ‘Done’.


  • Position the sticker in a clearly visible area on your story (like these other ones in this next screenshot).


  • Change the sticker colour if you want to by tapping it to view the color variations.

  • Add a little text too with a positive message about why you’re sharing this brand, product or service. E.g. What is it you love about this image?

  • Post your shoutout live to your Stories!

Now, sit back and let the good vibes wash over you knowing that you’ve successfully shared your shoutout, shown some love to another small biz and earned karma for your fine effort!

 (for full demo on how to share view our How to video)